By fzpdigital | Comments: 0 | October 28, 2017

What to wear to a wedding abroad when it’s my own daughter’s and I’m told that women dress up and men dress down and I was flying in less than a month?! I knew the climate would be oppressively hot, which didn’t bother me since I’m not the heavily beaded long heavy dress type anyway. What a dilemma! I connected with Jan through some form of social media and within minutes of my visit to the store, I had the absolute most perfect dress. Jan and her team didn’t stop at the dress. They tended to the total picture, the total me, from head to toe. With the flight date arriving, Jan assured me that accommodations could be made if the store had already closed for the summer. Fast forward: on that magical day, if my daughter was the princess, then I certainly felt like a queen! My thanks to Jan and her sensational team!

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